LNA Systems is a consultancy focused on software development,  cloud services and monitoring. We are specialized in Laravel, Vue.js, Elixir, Phoenix, Spark, Docker and Kubernetes, robust and proven technologies to build web apps, process data, and create self-healing environments. We can work with your company to provide software and infrastructure solutions.

Our Services

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Docker & Kubernetes

Scalable and self healing infrastructure powered with 24/7 active monitoring. We help migrating to lightweight containers and building a resilient Kubernetes cluster.


Software Development

Elixir & Phoenix, together with the battle tested Erlang platform is a robust and safe choice for web projects, data processing and real time experience.


Software Development

The combination of a powerful PHP framework and a spectacular JavaScript framework makes it possible to create incredible web and mobile solutions.

Who We Are


Hello from Brazil

We are a company based in Brazil (GMT-3) with remote work in its DNA since day 1 and our geographic position is key to provide services for the USA, Canada, and Europe regions. Currently, we have clients in Brazil, Europe and North America. Our team values collaboration, learning and communication in order to evolve and execute what brings more value given the current context and needs of any project.

We're here to help with your next project, regardless of the size or business area.

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